Popular Media/ Radio

  • Interview on Greek and Turkish Popular Culture on TV- Swedish National Radio, April 2014-Sverigesradio Interview MP3
  • Interview for Umeå University
  • Open University Report on 'Senses of the Empire'

Museums/Cultural Heritage

  • Invited Speaker at the National Museological Meeting 2014 (Bildmuseet, Sweden): Technology and Screen Situatedness for Cultural Heritage Display

Digitala gestaltningar på gott och ont

Theatre/ Enactment 

EON Unlimited Theatre Meeting 2014

EON Unlimited June 2014  (Pictures&Media)- Anna Foka (Mime) in collaboration with Helen Slaney (Pantomime), Oxford.

Umeå 2014 UGPS Events for Umeå Capital of Culture

Poster for Mariakyrkan events

Boards (Senior Administrative Positions and Editorial Boards) 

  • Member of Digital Classicists (UK). Responsible for Organising wiki sprints 
  • National Cultural Heritage Board of Sweden (Outreach) 
  • Swedish Secretary for Gender Research 
  • Sensory Studies in Antiquity (Technology) 
  • The Classical Association (UK) 
  • CAMWS: The Classical Association of Middle West and South (USA) 

Editorial Services 

  • Culture and Organisation 
  • Digital Humanities Quarterly 
  • Journal of Contemporary Ethnography
  • First Monday 
  • Journal of Cultural Heritage

Other Appointments

Secondary Education:

  • National examiner for Classical Civilisations (Examiner’s Board: AQA) and European History (Examiner’s board OCR, WW2- Cold War, Germany, and Russia)
  • February 2011 –September 2011: Liverpool College in Collaboration with the University of Liverpool
  • Liverpool College: Lecturer in Ancient History (Development of Athenian Democracy)
  • November 2009 –September 2011: Blackburn College and University Centre
  • Blackburn: Head of Classics and Ancient History- Lecturer in Classical Civilization and European History

Language Teaching:

  • January 2006 – January 2007: Liverpool Language Academy
  • Part-time teacher of Modern Greek as a foreign language.

March 2005 – April 2005: Liverpool Central Library, UK

  • Introduction to Ancient History (Greek, Roman) – Sessions delivered to primary school pupils from Merseyside (teaching methods included performance, computer games).

September 2001- August 2003: Eurognosi Language Schools, Athens

  • Teacher of English as a foreign language- English for Business

Publishing appointments:

Gaming/ Games Reviewer:

  • August 1999-2001: PS Magazine, Athens
  • Editor and Reviewer (3D Platformers)
  • Editor-at-Large, 2009-2011:  BCP Publishing Leading seminars in Latin for Second Life and World of Warcraft (in collaboration with Reinhard, Andrew)