Conference/ Workshop Organisation:

  • February 2018: Future for the Past: Digital Transduction and Visualization of Historical Materials (Swedish Institite at Athens )
  • June 2017: Virtual Reality Business/Culture, Humlab,  Umeå University, Sweden (In collaboration with Stanford Communication). 
  • June 2017: the International Society for Cultural History Annual Conference (organizing committee) 
  • August 2016: DIGRA: Digital Games Research Association Conference The School of Arts, Media and Computer Games, Abertay University. University of Dundee, Scotland (with Adam Chapman, Andrew Elliot, and Donald Iain) 
  • April 2016: Sensory perspectives: Toward a digitization of historical performances, Humlab, Umeå University (in Collaboration with The University of Oxford, ADMD, St Hilda's College), 
  • February 2016: (Global Challenges) Deep Maps and Spatial Histories, HUMlab,  Umeå University, Sweden.
  • November 2015: Status and Gender Competition in Premodernity, HUMlab and History, Umeå University, Sweden 
  • March 2015: Challenge The Past, Diversify the Future, HUMlab, Visual Arena Research, and Malmö Museum. ( with Dr. Jonathan Westin and Dr. Adam Chapman).
  • March 2014: Digital Gender: Theory, Methodology, and Practice, HUMlab, Umeå Centre for Gender Studies, and the department of Informatics, Umeå University, Sweden (with Viktor Arvidsson). Paper Presented: Digital Gladiatrixes: Action chicks and Historical Culture in Computer Games.
  • December 2012: Workshop on Gender, Laughter and Humour Across Cultures and Time, Department of History, Umeå University, Sweden. (with Professor Jonas Lilliequist) Paper presented: ‘Mimes: Humour and Emotional Manipulation in Late Antiquity’.
  • June 2009: co-organiser of Learning and Teaching conference at the University of Liverpool: “What’s New for Old Languages” (in collaboration with Dr. Andrew Reinhard, The American School in Athens).
  • April 2009: co-organiser of the Klassiske Språk workshop NTNU (The Norwegian University of Science and Technology): “(Meta)theatrical Criticism and Sociopolitical Alterities in Aristophanes’ Frogs”- “Defining the genre: Middle Comedy”.

Selected Conference Papers and Invited Talks:

February 2018. 'Infrastructural Tensions: Discussing the Digitization of Carl Sahlin's Archive of Swedish Industrial History', Swedish Institute at Athens, Greece. 

March 2017: 'Digital Models: Archives, Digitization, and Critical Cultural Heritage Panel'. The Annual Nordic Digital Humanities Conference, the University of Gothenburg, Sweden

February 2017: 'Visualizing the Past' CESTA (center for textual and spatial analysis) Stanford, USA. 

September 2016: ‘From Hesiod’s Automated Life to the Digital Age,' Pufendörf Institute, Lectures on Work and Organisation in the Digital Age, Lund University, Sweden. 

April 2016: ‘On Digital Interactive Models and the Gamification of Cultural Heritage,' Swedish Museum of Technology, Stockholm. 

November 2015: ‘Classical Receptions and New Technologies’, Department of Classical Studies, Uppsala University, Sweden. 

March 2015: ‘Studying ancient Performances through Screens’, CAMWS, Boulder University, Colorado, USA. 

December 2014: ‘Digital Prototyping and the Sensory Experience,' (invited talk) The Oxford Archive for Roman and Greek Performances, Annual Seminar Series, Oxford University, UK. 

December 2014: 'Digital Prototyping and the Sensory Experience', (invited talk) The Oxford Archive for Roman and Greek Performances, Annual Seminar Series, Oxford University, UK.

March 2014:  '(Digital) Bread and Circuses: Reframing Ancient Spectacle for Different ScreensDigital Humanities Australasia 2014 Perth, Australia. 

December 2013: 'Arenas for Screens', Big Tent Digital Humanities HUMlab Umeå University, Sweden.

November 2013: 'Sensory Data and Digital Prototypes for the Roman Amphitheatre: a case Study for Sound', The Empire of The senses: Methodologies in Sensory Archaeology, The Open University, UK.

August 2013: 'Popular impact equals Popular Comedy? The case of Byzantine mimes', Popular Culture Conference, The University of Glasgow, UK.

June 2013: 'The Girls of Spartacus as Half-Naked and Empowered? The Impact of Gender Theory in Modern Sword and Sandal Television Series', The Hawaii International Conference in Social Sciences, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

September 2013: 'Byzantine drama and Christian Censorship',, Censorship Conference from Plato to Wikileaks: Adelaide, the University of Adelaide.

October 2013: 'Digital Bread and Circuses' (podcast), Invited talk, University of Wollongong, NSW, Australia.

June 2012: 'Cherchez la Femme: Greek Prostitutes, Agency and Humour',  iGala: International Conference in Gender and Language: Sao Leopoldo, Brazil.

September 2011: 'From Lais to Theodora: Courtesans, Emotional Manipulation and Humour in Greek Literature', Emotions: East and West Developed jointly by historians at Sabancı University (İstanbul), Bilkent University (Ankara), University of Washington (Seattle) and the Network for Cultural History of Emotions in Pre-modernity (CHEP) at Umeå University,

June 2009: 'What’s New for Old Languages' Learning and Teaching conference at the University of Liverpool:   (podcast- in collaboration with Mr. Andrew Reinhard, The American School in Athens).

April 2009: 'Animals, Women and Humour in Greek Middle Comedy'. The Annual Classical Association Conference in Classics, The University of Glasgow.

July 2008: 'Aristophanes’ Clouds: Staging Religious Debate', Conference in the Memory of Christianne Sourvinou-Inwood, University of Reading.

March 2008: 'Free as the Birds'. Annual Classical Association Conference 2008, University of Liverpool:

Public Lectures/Podcasts

Visiting Scholar Appointments and Awards

  • 2017: Visiting Fellow: CESTA, Centre for Spatial and Textual Analysis, Stanford University, USA
  • 2016: Visiting Fellow: Centre for Gender Studies, University of Oslo, Norway
  • 2014: Visiting Scholar: The Swedish Institute in Rome, Italy
  • 2012: Visiting Scholar: Vaasa Yliopisto, Finland
  • 2011: Visiting Scholar: Kent University, UK
  • 2009: Postgraduate visiting Scholar: NTNU, Trondheim, Norway
  • 2008-9: Liverpool University Teaching Scholarship, UK
  • 2006: Liverpool University Research Scholarship (PhD Travel Expenses)
  • 2002: Erasmus Scholarship: Sapienza - Università di Roma , Italy