My teaching experience is international, diverse, cross-disciplinary and informed by emergent pedagogical theory and educational trends (information technology, online education, institutional cyber-infrastructure, ubiquitous computing applications). I have taught and presented in several international institutions and to audiences of different levels and sizes: from private one-to-one tuition to full lecture theatres (see section above: previous and current job appointments). 

Teaching Appointments

Forthcoming (Course coordinator) Across Faculties (Humlab and Department of Informatics)

  • Critical Perspectives Digital Fabrication and Innovation (Course coordinator- cross-disciplinary MA Programme Informatics, forthcoming) 

      • Digital Visualizations: Critical Perspectives Digital Fabrication and Innovation (Course coordinator- cross-disciplinary MA Programme Informatics, forthcoming) 
      • Digital Ethnographies: Critical Perspectives Digital Fabrication and Innovation (Course coordinator- cross-disciplinary MA Programme Informatics, forthcoming) 

      September 2015- present (lecturer), Humlab and Collaborators

      Humlab/Humanities Faculty

      • PhD course in Digital Humanities (3 years) 

      Humlab/Department of Museology

      • Humlab short course: Drones for the Arts and Humanities ( Open/ Course Leader)
      • Museology course: Digital  Cultural Heritage (MA and PhD Level)
      • Museology course:

      Humlab/ Department of Sociology

      • Social Media Studies: Gender Studies and Online Cultures (MA and PhD Level)
      • Social Media Studies: Feminist Theory and the Digital (MA and PhD Level)

      June 2014- September 2014, Umeå University, HUMlab:

      January 2012- 2013: Umeå University, Umeå Centre for Gender Studies (Course coordinator)

      • Gender Studies: Gender, Welfare and Power (MA, PhD)
      • Gender Studies: Feminist Theory (MA, PhD)
      • Gender Studies: Sex, Gender, Bodies: Shifts in the Reception and Representation of Sexuality in the Ancient World: films and TV programmes (MA, PhD)

      January 2010 –June 2011, University of Liverpool, School of Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology (Sessional Positions):

      • Lecturer in Greek Drama (Tragedy BA and MA)
      • Roman Visual Culture and its Reception (BA)

      June 2010 – July 2010: the University of Liverpool, School of Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology (Intensive Courses):

      • Lecturer in Greek (Beginners and Intermediate), SACE Summer School of Ancient Languages

      February 2010 – May 2010: the University of Manchester

      • Lecturer in Greek Drama (Aeschylus)
      • Lecturer in Greek Drama (Linguistics)

      October 2006 – May 2009: SACE, University of Liverpool

      • Graduate Teaching Assistant (Holder of a Teaching Fellowship for 2008-09)
      • Modules taught:
      • CLAH 114 Roman Visual Culture
      • CLAH 115 Greek Myth and Society
      • CLAH 101 Heroic Vengeance: Epic and Tragedy
      • CLAH 104 Introduction to Greek History

      June 2005 – July 2006: SACE, University of Liverpool

      • Teaching assistant to Dr. Fiona E. Hobden – Continuing Education- The University of Liverpool (Course taught: The Greek Symposion).


      I was awarded a teaching fellowship (2008-2009) at the School of Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology of the University of Liverpool, where I was directly responsible for the delivery and assessment of four (4) undergraduate modules, in addition to other regular teaching commitments on Greek and Latin language, literature, philosophy, myth, classical reception on the big screen, culture, theatre and ancient history.


      In terms of teaching administration and leadership qualities, I have been Head of Classical Civilizations (Greek and Roman) and European History at Blackburn College, UK (November 2009 to September 2011)

    • I was appointed an examiner and moderator on the subjects of Classical Civilisations, as well as History (AQA and OCR examiners’ board, UK).


      I am currently supervising graduate students (Masters and PhD) in History and Digital Humanities projects.

      I have co-created and taught two postgraduate modules at the Centre for Gender Studies (Umeå Universitet 20% teaching and 80% research).

      During the academic years 2011-13 I modified and organized a master’s course in Feminist Theory (Gender, Welfare and Power in Pre-Industrial Europe) alongside Dr. Charlotte Nyman, as well as contributing to the course: Sex, Gender Bodies, on the representation of historical gender and sexuality in popular culture (film, ubiquitous technologies etc).

      Furthermore, I have both taught and researched the use of new technologies in language teaching: I taught Modern Greek at the Liverpool Language Academy during my postgraduate studies (2006-7); I taught intensive courses in dead languages (Advanced Level Ancient Greek) at the Summer School of the University of Liverpool 2010.


      My engagement with new technologies and teaching methods led to my appointment as an editor/ principal investigator for the largest independent publisher of Latin/Greek/Classics textbooks and learning materials (Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers, IL, USA).  My job description required research on different systems of educational infrastructure, in identifying Latin and Greek programs in universities in the UK and aspects of technology in support of teaching documented trends in Classics pedagogy in the UK.

      I completed (alongside Andrew Reinhard) the first-ever international Second Life meet-up of Latin speakers within the Roma SPQR sim as an exercise and proof-of-concept of language-learning in a virtual environment. Ever since, I have used the platform of Age of Conan (unsuccessfully- due to lack of substantial ‘GMs’ - Game Masters) and World of Warcraft (very successfully) to interact and roleplay with students in Latin.

      My curiosity and continuous research in education led to an academic presentation/ (in collaboration with Andrew Reinhard over Skype) a paper on “New ways of Teaching old Languages” at the Liverpool colloquium (UK) of the Educational Development Division regarding current technology in education.

      My engagement with screen cultures and digital humanities led eventually to a further investigation of the representation of history, gender and materiality in the digital world: During 2011 I taught a module in: Visual Culture(s) at the School of Archaeology, classics and Egyptology at the University of Liverpool. In 2012 I have been the academic mid-seminar opponent for the presentation of a PhD Project named Masculinities and Historical Narratives in Computer Gaming (Mr. Tomas Karlsson).